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The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”

Church Podcasts Hamilton, Newcastle


Podcasts are installed on here for all the sermons presented at our church. Not all pod-casts are listed on here, so if you have a particular one you like. Ask for it to be listed on here for you.

What is a podcast, here is a link that gives you a better idea! Definition!


Sermons and podcasts of our Pastors and visitors to our church.

Podcasts Hamillton

Sermons 2016

“When Being Good Is Not Enough” Pr R Nixon

“The Enduring Lamp” Pr Russell Stanley 9th January 2016


“Truth Of Righteousness By Faith” By Paul Russos 4th February 2016

“Gods Inexpressible Gift” Dr John Cox 6th February 2016


“Send Me A Man” Pr R Eaton 13th February 2016


“Transformed” Pr David Stojcic 20th February 2016

Be Transformed

“What Are You Doing Here”  Pr Adrian Craig 27th February 2016

“Green Is The Future” Dr Winston Craig 27th February 2016


“Making Food Your Medicine” Dr Winston Craig 27th February 2016

“From Stressed To Blessed” Pr David Stojcic 5th March 2016


“Christ Our Passover” Pr David Stojcic 2nd April 2016

Mending Broken Pieces Pr David Stojcic 21st May 2016
The Bible on Managing Our Feelings Pr David Stojcic 4th June 2016
Vital Connection by Pr David Stojcic


 Sermons 2015 

 Elder Jim Hoysted 17th January 2015


Pastor Matt Parra  Sermon on If  24th January 2015





Pastor David Stojcic “Life Is Good, My Health Is Excellent” 21st March 2015



Elder Peter Roberts “Success” 28th March 2015





Pastor Pat Marshal 13 June 2015, One of the podcasts for 2015





Pastor David Stojcic “How to invest your Life” another one of the podcasts for 16 May 2015




Pastor David Stojcic This is one of the podcasts done on 02 May 2015 “Happy Unique And Peaceful.




Pastor Michael Lilikakis 23rd May 2015. Covers his own personal testimonial on how he found God and came to the SDA Church.




Elder Paul Roussos “Beaten And Bruised” 30th May 2015




Pastor Joel Slade “The Art Of Submission” 1st August 2015



Michael Lilikakis Total Christianity Salvation Relationships & Experience 8.8.2015 

Pastor David Stojcic “Gods Way Or My Way” 15th August


Jim Hoysted “I Then Shall Live” 22nd August 2015

“Prophetic Messages From The Bible”

“Enoch – A Model of Integrity in a Morally Bankrupt World” Pr David Stojcic 06 September 2015

Four Factors Of Faith Pr Michael Lilikakas 12th September 2015

“The Days Of Noah” Pr David Stojcic” 19th September 2015

Missionary Teacher Stories From Sonoma Peter Roberts 26th September 2015

“Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes” Pr David Stojcic 3rd October 2015

“Words From The Bible” Pr Michael Lilikakas 10th October 2015

“Loved and Accepted” Pr David Stojcic 17th October 2015

“Springtime” in The Church Pr Adrian Craig  24th October 2015

“Preaching On Faith” Pr David Stojcic 7th November 2015

“It Took a Miracle” by Dr Barry Wright 14th November 2015

“Reflections” Peter & Glenda Roberts 28th November 2015

“Staying A Christian” By Pr Gate 5th December 2015

“Beholding The Lamb of God” Pr Michael Lilikakas 12th December 2015

“The Best Rest You Can Ever Have” Pr David Stojcic 19th December 2015

“Three Angels Messages”  by Jim Hoysted 26th December

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End Of 2015

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