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Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Biblical Verses and Chapters


Biblical Verses and Chapters List & Table

The New King James Bible has 66 books in it. The Old Testament has 39 books, and the New Testament has 27 books. In these 66 books, you will find a total of 1,189 chapters containing about 31,273 verses.” Here is a list ( Table) of some of the topics found in the Bible. Taken from Mark Finley Study Guides. Use it as a study guide for your bible lessons.

The bible starts off with Genesis and the following bible studies are placed here for help in the study of the bible.

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Do Everything In Love


Bible Topic Bible Verse
Old Testament
The Creation Story

The Seventh Day

Genesis 1:1-31

Genesis 2:1-3

 The Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve Genesis 3:1-24

Increasing Corruption on Earth

Noah Walked With God

The Ark Prepared

The Great Flood

Noah Leaves the Ark

God’s Covenant With Man and Creation



 Genesis 6:1-8

Genesis 6:9-13

Genesis 6:13:22

Genesis 7:1-24

Genesis 8:1-19

Genesis 9:8-17

 The Story of Abraham

Abram and Lot Separate

Abram and Melchizedek

God’s Covenant With Abram

Hagar and Ishmael

God’s Covenant With Abram

Son of Promise

Abraham Intercedes for Sodom

Sodom’s Depravity

God’s Angels Rescue Lot and Family

Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed

 Genesis 12:1-20

Genesis 13:1-18

Genesis 14:1-17

Genesis 14:18-24

Genesis 15:1-21

Genesis 16:1-16

Genesis 17:1-27

Genesis 18:1-15

Genesis 18:16-33

Genesis 19:1-22

Genesis 19:22-29

 The Birth of Isaac

God Tested Abraham

Sarah’s Death

Bride for Isaac

Death of Abraham

Twins Born

God’s Promise to Isaac

Isaac Blesses Jacob

Esau’s Lost Hope

Jacob Escapes From Esau

Esau Hates Jacob

Jacob Sent to Laban

Jacob Flees From Laban

Laban’s Covenant With Jacob

Esau Comes to Meet Jacob

Jacob Wrestles With God

Jacob and Esau Meet

Jacob’s Return to Bethel

Death of Rachael


Genesis 21:1-7

Genesis 22:1-19

Genesis 23:1-20

Genesis 24:1-59

Genesis 25:7-11

Genesis 25:19-34

Genesis 26:1-5

Genesis 25:20-28

Genesis 27:1-29

Genesis 27:30-40

Genesis 27:41-46

Genesis 28:1-5

Genesis 31:1-21

Genesis 31:43-55

Genesis 32:1-21

Genesis 32:22-30

Genesis 33:1-20

 Genesis 35:1-15

Genesis 35:16-20


 The Story of Joseph

Joseph Sold by His Brothers

Joseph a Slave in Egypt

Prisoner’s Dreams

Pharaoh’s Dreams

Joseph Given Power

Joseph’s Brothers go to Egypt

Return With Benjamin

Joseph’s Cup

Brothers United

Jacob Goes to Egypt

Settling in Egypt

 Genesis 37:1-11

Genesis 37:12-36

Genesis 39:1-23

Genesis 40:1-23

Genesis 41:1-36

Genesis 41:37-57

Genesis 42:1-38

Genesis 43:1-34

Genesis 44:1-34

Genesis 45:1-28

Genesis 46:1-34

Genesis 47:1-31

 Moses Born and Hidden

Moses Flees to Midian

The Burning Bush

Signs for Pharaoh

Encounter With Pharaoh



 Exodus 2:1-10

Exodus 2:10-22

Exodus 3:1-22

Exodus 4:31

Exodus 5:1-22


 The Deliverance of The Israelites  From Egypt

The Plague 1 on Egypt

The Second Plague: Frogs

The Third Plague Of Lice

Plague 4 Of Flies

Plague 5 Livestock Disease

Plague 6 Of Boils

Plague 7 Of Hail

Plague 8 Of Locusts

Plague 9 Of Darkness

Plague 10 Death Of The First Born Announced

The Passover

The Exodus

Red Sea Crossing

 Exodus 6:1-13

Exodus 7:1-25

Exodus 8:1-15

Exodus 8:16-19

Exodus 8:20-32

Exodus 9:1-7

Exodus 9:8-12

Exodus 9:13-35

Exodus 10:1-20

Exodus 10:21-29

Exodus 11:1-9

Exodus 12:1-30

Exodus 12:31-51

Exodus 14:1-31

 The Falling of The Manna Exodus 16:2:36
The Ten Commandments

On The Mountain With God

Exodus 20:1-22

Exodus 24:1-18

 The Building of The Sanctuary

The Altar, Court, and care of the Lampstand

Priest’s Garments

Aaron and Sons Consecrated

Altar of Incense, Ransom money, Bronze Laver, Anointing Oil, Incense

Builders for The Sanctuary

The Sabbath Law

Exodus 26:1-37

Exodus 27

Exodus 28

Exodus 29

Exodus 30

Exodus 31:1-11

Exodus 31:12-18

 Offerings For The Sanctuary

The Ark of The Testimony

Showbread Table

Gold Lamp Stand



Exodus 25:1-9

Exodus 25:10-22

Exodus 25:23-30

Exodus 25:31-40


Health Laws; clean and unclean foods

Hygiene and Health


Sexual Morality

Leviticus 11

Leviticus 13

Leviticus 17

Leviticus 18

The Feasts Of Israel; Day of Atonement

Moral and Ceremonial Laws

Leviticus 16

Leviticus 19

 The Ten Commandments Reviewed Deuteronomy 5
Moses “Death” Deuteronomy 34
 Joshua Conquers Jericho Joshua 6
The Sun Stands Still Joshua 10
 Gideon’s Valiant 300 Men Judges 7
Samson And The Philistines; Samson’s birth

Samson’s wife

Samson Defeats Philistines

Judges 13

Judges 14

Judges 15

 Ruth And Naomi

Ruth and Boaz

Ruth Redeemed

Boaz and Ruth

Ruth 1

Ruth 2

Ruth 3

Ruth 4

Saul Chosen To Be King

Saul Anointed King

Saul’s Coronation

Saul’s unlawful Sacrifice



1 Samuel 9

1 Samuel 10

1 Samuel 12

1 Samuel 13


David Anointed King 1 Samuel 16
David And Goliath

David and Jonathan

1 Samuel 17

1 Samuel 19

Saul Consults A Medium 1 Samuel 28
David And Bathsheba 2 Samuel 11
 David’s Last Words 2 Samuel 23
David Proclaims Solomon As King 1 Kings 1
 Solomon Builds The Temple 1 Kings 6
Elijah The Prophet 1 Kings 17 Read to end of Chapter 19
 Elisha Receives Elijah’s Mantle  1 Kings 19:1
Elijah Ascends To Heaven 2 Kings 2:1
The Decree Of Artaxerxes Ezra 1 Whole Chapter
Nehemiah The Wall Of Jerusalem Nehemiah 4 Whole Chapter
Queen Esther Enters the King’s Palace To Deliver

Israel From Haman’s Plot

Esther 5:6
 Satan Attacks Job’s Health, Family, Possessions  Job 1:2
Job Trusts God Job 19:1
The Psalm Of Prosperity Psalm 1:1
 The Psalm Of The Messiah  Psalm 22:1
 The Shepherd Psalm  Psalm 23:1
The Psalm Of Guidance And Forgiveness Psalm 32:1
 The Psalm Of Encouragement  Psalm 40:1
The Psalm Of Repentance Psalm 51:1
The Psalm Of Rejoicing Psalm 98:1
The Psalm Of Trust And Obedience

(The Longest Psalm)

Psalm 119:1
The Psalm Of Family Counsel Psalm 127:1
The Psalm Of Our Lord’s Continued Presence Psalm 139:1
The Psalm Of God’s Majestic Love Psalm 145:1
The Psalm Of Creations Praise Psalm 148:1
The Psalm Eternal Praise Psalm 150:1
 Proverbs On Guidance  Proverbs 3 Whole Chapter
Proverbs On Immortality/Adultery Proverbs 5 Read to end of Chapter 7
Proverbs On Wisdom Proverbs 2 Whole Chapter

Proverbs 8 Whole Chapter

Proverbs 9 Whole Chapter

Proverbs On Wealth/Riches Proverbs 13 Whole Chapter

Proverbs 23:1 Whole Chapter

Proverbs On Speech Proverbs 20:1

Proverbs 23 Whole Chapter

Proverbs 29 to end of Chapter 35

Proverbs On Drinking Proverbs 20

Proverbs 23:29 Through to 35

Proverbs On Pride And Humility Proverbs 27
The Folly Of Pleasure Ecclesiastes 2 Whole Chapter
Everything Has A Time Ecclesiastes 3 Whole Chapter
The Rest Of Death Ecclesiastes 9 Whole Chapter
The Eternity Of True Love Song Of Solomon 8 Whole Chapter
 The Virgin Birth  Isaiah 7 Whole Chapter
The Fall Of Lucifer Isaiah 14 Whole Chapter
The Suffering Servant Isaiah 53 Whole Chapter
 The New Heaven And The New Earth  Isaiah 35 Whole Chapter

Isaiah 65 Whole Chapter

Isaiah 66 Whole Chapter

 The Ministry Of The Messiah  Isaiah 61 Whole Chapter
God’s Judgement On Babylon Jeremiah 50 Whole Chapter

Jeremiah 51 whole Chapter

 The Valley Of Dry Bones  Ezekiel 37 Whole Chapter
Daniel’s Captivity Daniel 1 Whole Chapter
The Great Image Daniel 2 Whole Chapter
The Hebrew Young Men In The Fiery Furnace Daniel 3 Whole Chapter
The Lion’s Den Daniel 6 Whole Chapter
The Great Beasts Of Prophecy Daniel 7 Whole Chapter
 The 2300 Days And The Sanctuary  Daniel 8 Whole Chapter
The Coming Messiah Daniel 9 Whole Chapter
 The Final Conflict  Daniel 12 Whole Chapter
Jonah In The Belly Of The Whale Jonah 1 Whole Chapter

Jonah 2 Whole Chapter

 The Great Day Of God Zechariah 14 Whole Chapter

Malachi 4 whole Chapter

 New Testament
 The Birth Of Christ  Matthew 1 Whole Chapter
When Men From The East/Flight Into Egypt Matthew 2 Whole Chapter
 Jesus Temptations  Matthew 4 Whole Chapter
Jesus Sermon On The Mount Matthew 5 Read to end of Chapter 7
Jesus Chooses The Twelve Apostles Matthew 10 Whole Chapter
Jesus Parable Of The Sower Matthew 13 Whole Chapter
Jesus Feeding The 5,000 Matthew 14 Whole Chapter
Jesus Transfiguration Matthew 17 Whole Chapter
Jesus Triumphal Entry Matthew 21 Whole Chapter
Jesus Signs Of The End Matthew 24 Whole Chapter

Mark 13 Whole Chapter

Jesus Parable Of The 10 Virgins Matthew 25 Whole Chapter
Jesus Crucifixion/Death/Resurrection Matthew 26 Read to end of Chapter 28

Mark 15 and 16

Luke 23 Read to end of chapter 24

John 19 Read to end of chapter 20

 Jesus Miracles Of Calming Storms, delivering

the demoniac, healing the woman with the

issue of blood and raising a rich man’s


 Mark 4 to end of chapter 5
Jesus Parables: The Sower Luke 8 Whole Chapter
The Good Samaritan Luke 10 Whole Chapter
The Faithful and Evil Servants Luke 12 Whole Chapter
The Barren Fig Tree Luke 13 Whole Chapter
The Mustard Seed Luke 13 Whole Chapter
The Great Supper Luke 14 Whole Chapter
The Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Son Luke 15 Whole Chapter
The Unjust Steward Luke 16 Whole Chapter
 The Rich Man And Lazarus  Luke 16 Whole Chapter
The Persistent Widow Luke 18 Whole Chapter
The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus Luke 23 – 24
Jesus Miracles: Water Turned To Wine John 2
The Man At The Pool Of Bethesda John 5 Whole Chapter
Feeding The 5,000 John 6 Whole Chapter
Walking On Water John 6 Whole Chapter
A Blind Man Healed John 9 Whole Chapter
 Lazarus Raised  John 11:1
 Nicodemus And The New Birth  John 3:1
The Woman At The Well John 4:1-16
Jesus Pardons The Woman Caught In Adultery John 8:1
Jesus The True Shepherd John 10:1-10
 Jesus And The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit;

The True Vine

 John 14 through to end of chapter 16
Jesus Betrayed By Judas, Denied by Peter,

Mocked by Soldiers.

John 18  – 19
Jesus Crucifixion, Resurrection, And Ascension; John 19 – Chapter 21

Acts 1:1

The Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit. Acts 2 Whole Chapter
Saul Converted Acts 9:1-21
Cornelius Prayer/Peters Dream Acts 10
Paul’s Preaching in Antioch Acts 13:1
Philippi Acts 16:1
Thessalonica Acts 17:1
Corinth Acts 18:1-11
Ephesus Acts 19:1
Paul’s Defense Before Felix; Agrippa Acts 24
 The Plan Of Salvation Revealed  Romans 3:1-4
 The Triumph Of Faith  Romans 5:1-5
Jesus Power  And Presence Romans 8:1
The Bibles Love Chapter 1 Corinthians 13:1
Salvation By Grace Ephesians 2:10
Joy In Humility Philippians 2:1
Our Lord’s Return 1 Thessalonians 4:13 through to verse 18

2 Thessalonians 1 to chapter 3

Peter 3 Whole Chapter

End-tines Signs 2 Timothy 3 Whole chapter
Jesus Humanity Hebrews 2 Whole Chapter
Jesus Our High Priest Hebrews 3 to end of chapter 7
Jesus In The Heavenly Sanctuary Hebrews 8 to end of chapter 9
The Bible’s Faith Chapter Hebrews 11 Whole Chapter
Faith And Works James 2:1 Whole chapter
True Christianity 1 John 4 whole chapter
Revaluation’s Seven Churches Revelation 2:3
Revelation’s Seven Seals Revelation 6:7 Read to end of Revelations 8:1
Revelation’s Seven Trumpets Revelation 8:1 to end of chapter 11
Revelation’s Magnificent Christ Revelation 1:4 Revelation 4:5
Revelation’s Last Day Message And People Revelation 10:1

Revelation 12:1

Revelation 14:1

Revelation’s Great Apostasy; The Beast The Woman, False Babylon Revelation 13:1 Revelation 17:1 Revelation 18:1
Revelation’s Seven Last Plaques; Jesus Return; 1,000 years Revelation 15:1 through to end of chapter 16

Revelation 19:1 to end of Revelation 20


As you can see, we use the New King James Bible. It is simple for you to change to your version on the page that opens for the links.


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