Random bible verse

Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.

Dr Winston Craig Lecture

Dr Winston Craig Lecture At Hamilton Church

Dr Winston Craig is a professor at Andrew University and deals with nutrition  and wellness at Michigan in the USA. He will be giving a lecture at Hamilton SDA Church and Boolaroo SDA Church.

Please see the flyers for dates and times.

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Change My Life

Change My Life Today

Is there something missing in your life? Are you looking to change things in your life for the better? The most amazing things happen when you give God His rightful place in your life. God values your life above gold; He considers each one of us to be above the price of rubies! He loves each one of us no matter what we are, or what we have done. He wants us to come to Him just as we are as He wants us to have life, abundant life!

He loves each of us so much that He died for us, and He still gives us choice. He paid for your freedom, and you will be free as you open your heart to Him. His truth is found in His Word; The Bible. God can restore your faith and courage and bring you love, joy, and peace.

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Wear Gods Armour

Wear Gods Armour In Times Of Trouble

Wear Gods armour in times of trouble and need is what we need to do. The following is a description of Gods armour and the bible text that refer to each piece of the armour of God. Ephesians 6:11 refers to the armour of God. Here is a table with the armour of God.

Wear Gods Armour and be ready for the Holy War. Gods Armour is not meant to be used on a physical level. It is a battle of faith and hope.

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Youth Opportunities

Youth Opportunities Hamilton

Our youth are our most precious trust. As they grow and develop our youth opportunities taken, influence their own personalities and they find the path they choose in their life. It is a privilege to watch them make good choices that will influence them right here and now; and the valuable influence they may have on their peers; and the good choices they make that will give them a life full of fulfilment here, and for eternity!

One of our youth Byirungiro; after studying The Bible for some time has made the connection with Jesus; to realise that Jesus made us unique, and with the freedom to choose how we live our lives, and yet Jesus gave His own life for each and every one of us, regardless of our choices!

Youth Opportunities - Young Byirungiro

Young Byirungiro

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